Shihan Kevin Hooker


Shihan Kevin started his martial arts journey in 1991 in Shotokan Karate at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  After graduating with an engineering degree and moving to Omaha - he found a new home in Kenpo Karate.  Kevin is now the chief instructor for the Martial Arts program at Elite, beginning training under Shihan Tom Scott in 1999. After Achieving his Black Belt, Shihan Kevin enrolled in the Sensei Program to apply his love of teaching to his love of the Martial Arts. After apprenticing under Shihan Scott in the proper way to share NCK, Kevin Hooker earned his Sensei title from Shihan Scott. With Shihan Scott retiring from the commercial school in 2010, he was given the opportunity to continue Shihan Scotts mission to maintain a prestige level kenpo karate school in the mid-west. Kevin is currently a 5th degree black belt (Godan) in Kenpo Karate and continues to strive to perfect his skills in the martial arts, now training under Professor Nick Chamberlain Judan (10th degree).  In the spirit of continuing to strive for more - Kevin took up Brazilian JiuJitsu under Fabio Santos's black belts - Scott Thompson and Greg James.  Currently he holds a brown belt rank.  Today, Shihan Kevin continues teaching in all of his athletic endeavors. 



Shihan Mark Fountain


Shihan Mark Fountain began his Martial Arts journey in in the Korean Arts in 1979. His love of the Arts was evident, however his love of his family was stronger. Due to family and work commitments, Shihan Fountain was forced to take a hiatus from his studies.
As his family matured, his two sons also started to show an interest in the Martial Arts. After a brief tenure which ended when their first instructor started medical school, Sensei Fountain found Shihan Tom Scott and NCK as a school that would be their permanent home. After the boys started their studies with Shihan Scott in 2000, Sensei Fountain joined soon afterwards as a way of spending more time with his family.  As Shihan Fountain progressed through the ranks, he watched as NCK grew from a modest number of students to a school with students numbering over 100. During this period of growth, Shihan Fountain approached Shihan Scott to volunteer his services and assist Shihan Scott teaching classes as a coach. His interest in helping grew into a love for teaching. In 2005, after apprenticing under Shihan Scott for seven years, Mark Fountain earned and was bestowed his Sensei title by Shihan John James, Shihan Scott's NCK Instructor.  Today, Shihan Fountain's whole family is involved in NCK with his two sons and his wife Dawn earning their Black Belts. Shihan Fountain continues to be a stellar example of Professor Cerio's five principles of conduct, effort, etiquette, sincerity, character, and self-control. And he passes these lessons on to every student he has the privilege to teach. Shihan Fountain is currently a 5th degree black belt (Godan) in Kenpo Karate.  
In the spirit of continuing to strive for more - Mark has taken up Brazilian JiuJitsu under Fabio Santos's black belts - Scott Thompson and Greg James.  Currently he holds a brown belt rank.

Master Greg James (BJJ Chief Instructor)


FULL BIO - Coming Soon.  Greg holds several black belts including Judo (where he helped teach for the Naval Academy in Annapolis).  Greg is a 3rd degree BJJ black belt under Fabio Santos.  He also is an affiliate of Rickson Gracie where he began his BJJ training over 25 years ago.  

Sensei Greg Fountain


Sensei Greg started his martial arts at the very early age of 5 under the direction of Dr. Tim McDowell. Greg studied R.B.W.I. (Robert Bussey Warrior International), training with Dr. McDowell for 2 years. At that time, Dr. McDowell retired from teaching and Greg found Shihan Tom Scott to continue his training.  He has been with the (N.C.K.) Nick Cerio's Kenpo system ever since.  Sensei Greg excelled in competitions and earned the Nebraska State Championship title in sparring and forms.  After graduating high school, Greg moved to California to pursue his career in skateboarding. He traveled the country doing demos and competing at the national pro level. He won the Vans Warped Tour in LA as well as many other locations. He ranked in the top pro bowl riders in the World Cup and has been prominently featured in many skateboard magazines. While living in California Greg continued his studies of the martial arts at several different kenpo schools.  Upon moving back to Omaha, he is now continuing his training full time in N.C.K.  Sensei Greg also has cross trained in Kendo where he is ranked as a brown belt.  After completing his apprenticeship in the proper manner Greg passed his Sensei Test and was bestowed the honor of the Sensei Title.  Greg continues to skateboard and is an independent tattoo artist.  Sensei Greg is a shining example for the principles of conduct of a true martial artist.  Sensei Greg is currently a 4th degree Black Belt (Yondan) in N.C.K.

Sensei Conor Barnes

Sensei Conor Barnes began his Kenpo journey at the young age of 10. He earned his Jr Blackbelt at age 14 and tested for his adult rank at 16. After testing for his Nidan (2nd Degree) he earned his Sensei title.
During this time he completed a Law Degree and passed his Bar Exam. His continuance to train while completing his schooling shows his immense dedication to the martial arts.
This year Sensei Conor he was promoted to Sandan - 3rd degree Black Belt. He continues to be passionate about his training as well as teaching, leading our Lil Ninjas class every Saturday morning. He continues to be an integral part of our program and a valued part of our family here at Elite Academy of Martial Arts.

Sensei Dawn Fountain


Dawn Fountain Pharm. D

Sensei Dawn started her journey in Kenpo in 2000.

It was a family activity that grew into her passion. Both her sons Jordan and Greg earned their JR black belts. Greg went on to becoming an instructor who currently holds a 4th degree black belt.

Her husband Mark recently became a Shihan earning his Godan rank.  Sensei Dawn currently holds a 3rd degree (Sandan) and instructs at Elite Academy of Marital Arts.

She has gone through many struggles in her journey. Physically: She had two total knee replacements.  Emotionally : She has had to use her kenpo in a real life, defending herself against a sexual predator.  Lets just say her  training paid off. She knows the importance of being mentally strong and being prepared.

Marital Arts is a part of her life, she loves to share it, and she is available for women's self-defense classes and women's private lessons.

Efren Alejo (BJJ Instructor)


BJJ Instructor - currently holds a black belt degree under Greg James

Our classes are divided into the following: 
Beginners – White, Yellow, Orange, Purple
Intermediate – Blue, Green
Advanced – Three levels of Brown
Expert – Black or Dan ranks
To test to your 1st dan rank will take approximately 5 years. We believe that the journey of a martial artist never ends. It is a lifelong very fulfilling commitment. The end goal may not be just about getting your black belt. But if that is your goal for you – it may only just start there. Attaining the coveted black belt is a great beginning goal and will change who you are inside forever. The confidence and self-fulfillment cannot be put into words. We hope that you will consider making our Kenpo family part of your family!

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My son has been attending Kenpo classes at Elite since 2009, and we have always been thrilled with the instruction he has received. We love the emphasis on personal development and character building as well as martial arts. Last night I tried my first Jiu Jitsu class. I wasn't sure what to expect (and I accidentally joined the kids class instead of the adult class--oops), but Master James was very welcoming and I felt comfortable right away. It was so much fun, and worked out muscles I didn't even know existed! - Noel