Kids Class (All Ranks)

Kids Karate Class is youths ages 7-16. Teaching basic hand and foot techniques as well as coordination and body control. You will learn the basic blocks and strikes as well as begin to work on self-defense and forms.

Adult Classes

Adult Karate classes are for anyone 16 and older. Basics are the building blocks taught to enhance and grow your martial arts.

Expert Class

The EXPERT level of Karate is for the BLACK belts. Here you will learn to take the basics you have practiced over the years and apply them to real situations. Defense against weapons (knives, guns, clubs) are being learned as well as what options are available to you and when to use them.

Brazilian/Gracie Jiu Jitsu

Gracie / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes - Instructor Greg James under Fabio Santos and Rickson Gracie

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Introducing BJJ - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - We are proud to announce that we offer an additional program in our martial arts. BJJ is a very complementary martial art to any current martial artists OR also a very formidable art all by itself.  Program owner and founder Greg James holds several black belts including Judo (where he helped teach for the Naval Academy in Annapolis). Greg is a 3rd degree BJJ black belt under Fabio Santos. He also is an affiliate and personal friend of Rickson Gracie where he began his BJJ training over 25 years ago.  


All karateka must be invited to test!  Also, it is extremely inappropriate for a student to inquire about when they will test.  However, I do encourage all PARENTS of martial artists to feel open to talk about their student's progress and maintain open communication with any questions regarding their child. 

Beginner ranks – Yellow – Orange – Purple: $30.00

Intermediate ranks – Blue - Green: $45.00

Advanced Ranks – Brown I, II, III: $60.00

Expert Ranks – Jr. Shodan: $125.00 (once per year usually in the spring)

Expert Ranks – Shodan and above: Testing at Warrior Weeknd with Professor Chamberlain fees will follow his test fees

Our classes are divided into the following: 
Beginners – White, Yellow, Orange, Purple
Intermediate – Blue, Green
Advanced – Three levels of Brown
Expert – Black or Dan ranks
To test to your 1st dan rank will take approximately 5 years. We believe that the journey of a martial artist never ends. It is a lifelong very fulfilling commitment. The end goal may not be just about getting your black belt. But if that is your goal for you – it may only just start there. Attaining the coveted black belt is a great beginning goal and will change who you are inside forever. The confidence and self-fulfillment cannot be put into words. We hope that you will consider making our Kenpo family part of your family!

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My son has been attending Kenpo classes at Elite since 2009, and we have always been thrilled with the instruction he has received. We love the emphasis on personal development and character building as well as martial arts. Last night I tried my first Jiu Jitsu class. I wasn't sure what to expect (and I accidentally joined the kids class instead of the adult class--oops), but Master James was very welcoming and I felt comfortable right away. It was so much fun, and worked out muscles I didn't even know existed! - Noel